Kirsten Rosselot, the owner of Process Profiles, helps organizations understand and improve their environmental performance. She systematically helps her customers identify the products, processes or substances that are likely to be the most appropriate focus for improvement efforts. She uses research, models, process simulation tools, and the fundamentals of chemistry and thermodynamics to explain observations and assess expectations for alternative processes and materials. Her proactive, data-driven solutions are guided by an understanding of environmental regulations and green metrics. The results of her projects are robust and provide perspective that can be effectively communicated to a diverse audience. She often uses information from large databases (including census product, life cycle inventory, chemical property, hazard assignment, facility environmental release and transfer, and environmental permit record databases) to inform and contextualize her technical findings.

Kirsten Rosselot is a licensed professional chemical engineer whose clients include industry, government, and environmental non-profits.

Ms. Rosselot has served on many technical peer review panels for EPA grants and graduate research scholarships and frequently acts as a scientific reviewer for submissions to journals such as Environmental Science and Technology, the Journal of Cleaner Production, Science of the Total Environment, and the Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research. Ms. Rosselot also served as an editor of a special edition of the Journal of Industrial Ecology on applications of material flow analysis. She taught an upper division/graduate student elective on pollution prevention in the chemical engineering department at California State University, Long Beach for two years and has co-authored many handbooks, textbooks, and other teaching and outreach materials.

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Recent Projects and Publications

December 2018
FE Environmental Practice
by AV Naimpally and KS Rosselot

March 2018
Evaluating Methods for Determining the Vapor Pressure of Heavy Refinery Liquids
by VM Torres, KS Rosselot, and J Spinhirne

August 2014
Refinery Intermediate Product Literature Review
by KS Rosselot and VM Torres