Process Profiles is an engineering consulting practice established by Kirsten Rosselot in 1995. Ms. Rosselot specializes in strategic environmental planning and management tools, with services that include environmental audit advice, environmental training, community-facility relationship building, pollutant rankings, identification of the sources of pollutants, pollutant and waste inventories, and sustainability evaluations.

Kirsten Rosselot is a licensed professional chemical engineer whose clients include industry, the government, and environmental non-profits. Ms. Rosselot has a broad understanding of environmental concerns and solutions to environmental problems, and is adept at communicating technical issues to non-technical individuals.

Ms. Rosselot has served on many technical peer review panels for EPA grants and graduate research scholarships and frequently acts as a scientific reviewer for submissions to journals such as Environmental Science and Technology, the Journal of Cleaner Production, Science of the Total Environment, and the Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research. Ms. Rosselot also served as an editor of a special edition of the Journal of Industrial Ecology on applications of material flow analyis.
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Recent Projects and Publications

August 2014
Refinery Intermediate Product Literature Review
by KS Rosselot and VM Torres

Environmental Engineering Review for the Professional Engineering Examination
by AV Naimpally and KS Rosselot

October 5, 2011
Parametric Model of Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Fischer-Tropsch Fuels
by DT Allen, KS Rosselot, J Miller, JR Ingham, and W Corbett